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We guarantee your security – professional and with a lot of experience!

The guard & security service K-SEC is your professional service provider around the topic of security. Our experienced team provides with its high quality standards and great competence for your protection – and for that of your employees and your company. The close and trusting cooperation with our customers ensures a high level of satisfaction.

In order to maintain this, we complete every task with great care and absolute thoroughness.

In order for you to feel safe, K-SEC uses only experienced and professional employees. They are well acquainted with possible dangers – and know how to consequently master them. In doing so, they always act in a serious manner and are thus also a figurehead for you and your company.

If you would like to get to know our working methods better, we would be happy to inform you about our entire portfolio and our approach to all security-related tasks in a free consultation.

Our services
Our doormen and doormen are professionally trained experts in their field. They implement protection and security measures with the highest level of competence. But they do not only provide optimal protection: Thanks to their serious appearance, they also represent your company professionally.
Event protection
Whether it’s a concert, conference, exhibition or celebration, our staff protects all types of events.
Detective agency
In a personal environment, you do not like to take care of delicate investigations yourself. We undertake all kinds of investigations, and make sure that you get clarity with the information we find.
Control and patrol services
Your company is still in the start-up phase and the continuous deployment of security personnel does not yet pay off? Our patrol and patrol service is the affordable alternative for companies that do not need a 24-hour service.
Gate and reception services
There should be no waiting times in the reception area, resulting in confusing situations. Telephone calls must also be answered quickly. This is ensured by our competent employees.
Object protection
We take care of the protection and security of houses, company buildings and facilities as well as outdoor areas – in the private sector as well as for business properties or public buildings. Our employees also provide security at banks, construction sites, exhibitions and trade fairs.
Certification according to DIN 77200 and ISO 9001

Trust is always at the center of our services. This is not just a buzzword for us – our company has been certified according to ISO 9001 and DIN 77200 since its foundation.

While ISO 9001 sets generally applicable standards for quality management, industry standard 77200 was developed by representatives of the security industry – it defines uniform minimum standards for security services. Thanks to our certification, you can rely on the transparent and uniform implementation of your requirements.

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K-SEC | Wach- und Sicherheitsdienst

Questions & Answers

Protection and the necessary organizational tasks around events are also part of our portfolio. You will find the entire spectrum of our services in the Our Services section.
Yes, you can easily and simply apply for a job with us via our website under the “Career” menu. We look forward to receiving your submission.
We are happy to offer you our consulting services. You can call us or write us an e-mail. This is also possible via our contact form.

Our security service is at your side with competence and experience. Our employees are characterized by flexibility and a high level of expertise, convince thanks to impeccable manners and demonstrate first-class German language skills, both written and spoken. Furthermore, our employees in our security service are state-approved as security specialists and have an impeccable police clearance certificate. Furthermore, we are happy to work closely with local authorities and have many years of experience in this sector. So you can benefit from the experience of our employees and their high level of competence in changing work environments if you rely on our security service. Excellent work attitude and high quality training you will surely appreciate.

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Eugen Fuchs
Eugen Fuchs
Absolut unseriöse, Erstkontakt über WhatsApp wie gewünscht, erste Antwort nach 2 Monaten und das noch nicht einmal in ganzen Sätzen…👎
waseem Hayat
waseem Hayat
Top Security weiter so
Kevin Muench
Kevin Muench
Einwandfreier Sicherheitsdienst mit kompetentem und nettem Cheff und Mitarbeitern die wissen was sie tun und auf einen langjährigen Erfahrungsschatz in der Sicherheitswirtschaft zurück greifen können ! Sehr guter Sicherheitsdienstleister, der seriös und professionell Arbeitet und die Wünsche der Kunden einwandfrei umsetzt. Weiterzuempfehlen !
David Lagodzinski
David Lagodzinski
Vielen Dank nochmal für die kurzfristige Unterstützung bei unserer Veranstaltung ! Leider wurde durch ein anderes Unternehmen kurzfristig abgesagt, sodass Firma K-Sec innerhalb kürzester Zeit ausgeholfen hat. Die Mitarbeiter spiegelten ein zufriedenes Arbeitsklima wieder und setzten Ihre durch uns mitgeteilte Aufgaben professionell um! Auch nächstes Jahr werden wir uns wieder melden ! Danke !
Madina Raufi
Madina Raufi
Also ich muss sagen ich habe schon viel Erfahrung mit solchen Firmen gemacht, aber noch nie war ich so begeistert wie von K-Sec! Sie sind sehr zuverlässig und freundlich. Für mich persönlich war sehr wichtig das diese professionell sind. Und genau das sind sie! Der Service ist ebenfalls sehr top. Nur zu empfehlen!
Asia Ahmad
Asia Ahmad
Sehr freundlich, Mega Personal ist echt zu empfehlen und sind Professionell 👌🏼 Einfach top 🔝

Security has a lot to do with our core competencies of trust and discretion. Accordingly, we take the data protection of our customers seriously – which is why we refrain from naming reference customers here. However, we would be happy to provide you with examples of our successful work in a personal meeting.